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The MORE Game - Massively Online Real Estate

MORE is currently under construction please do not attempt to play right now.

What is MORE?

MORE is a FREE online board game built by inspired by the popular game Monopoly. Play against thousands of other people at the same time. Find the properties you think will make money, go about your day, come back in the evening and collect your rent. Submit trades to try and gain control over entire streets to create small buildings, then increase your cash flow until you can buy entire neighbourhoods and cities! Rename and choose the picture for your properties to make the gameboard yours!

How Do I MORE?

All you need is a supported web browser a connection to the internet and a valid email address, just login on the right panel to begin.

Isn't The Gameboard Small?

As more players join the game we will add more 'cities' until the size of the gameboard accomodates those extra players.

Questions & Bugs

As more players join more and the game is played more we plan on adding features to increase the fun factor of the game. If you have any feature requests or bugs to report please send them to 'info' 'at' ''

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